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Target Windows XP from .NET 5

I have come back to Visual Studio after a along absence and so many things haver changed. I'm developing in a 64 bit environment and want tp target a Word application that will run on 32 bit Windows XP. The 32-bit issue is not a problem but the resulting Windows 32 bit build does not run on the target.. This is reasonable since I'm using .NET 5. I recall that I was able to select the .NET version that I could use to build a target.

I have tested the resulting build on the target by copying the build folder and simply running the executable, but this gives me a permissions error on the target.

Any help would be great.


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Windows XP reached end of life years ago, and since then no new technologies from Microsoft will run on that dead platform, so what you observed about .NET 5 is by design and expected. If you really want to support XP, use legacy technologies please (such as .NET Framework 4.0).

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It does work yes,

I have it working in x64 windows Server 2003 aka xp x64. hope you find a solution in the future.

I can verify that it does work yes

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