Immersive Reader launches with text, but does not read or translate

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I am trying to integrate Immersive Reader into an existing system.

I am successfully generating and passing an access token (as far as I can tell).

IR is launching with the text specified, and some functionality like breaking up syllables and line focus work.

However, other functionality like reading and translation are not. When I click the "Play" button, I get a message that says "Sorry, we couldn't download the audio file needed to read this text out loud. Status: 401".

I can see in the Network calls that a few of my IR calls are succeeding, but most are failing with 401s.97920-some-success-most-failure.png

Are these failures an indication that there is a problem with my token, although IR does launch? I've scoured the docs and Q&A here and on SO for help, but I'm not seeing any help there.

Thank you.

Azure Immersive Reader
Azure Immersive Reader
An Azure Applied AI Service that embeds text reading and comprehension capabilities into your applications.
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  1. Cristobal Buenrostro 1 Reputation point

    Can you please let me know if you still facing the issues?

    In case of yes, also provide the info below in order to try the issue replication:

    • Do you get the error since the first time you press "Play" button or in any subsequent event?
    • Some info about your app/system: base on your comments can assume it is a web app, Did you work with .Net or any different stack?

    Hope to hear about you.