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Hi, I recently made an age calculator using C# Win form application. So I set this "If" code for the application saying that if the Date of Birth is set greater than the Current date, an error message should pop up.


'if (dtpcurrentdate.Value < dtpdateofbirth.Value) ;

                MessageBox.Show("Current date must be greater than Date of Birth. Please Try Again");


When I run the application, test it and set the Date of Birth greater than the Current date, the error message is popping. But when I set Date of Birth lesser than the current date, the error message still pops up. My aim is that the error should not occur when users set the Date of Birth lesser than the current date and should only pop up if they set it greater than the current date. Please help!

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  1. WayneAKing 4,921 Reputation points

    if (dtpcurrentdate.Value < dtpdateofbirth.Value);
    MessageBox.Show("Current date must be greater ...");

    If the above is what you actually have in your program,
    then the reason why the MessageBox always appears is
    because you have a semicolon at the end of the if
    statement line. Remove it.

    The semicolon ends the scope of the if statement so
    the code in the block between the braces {...} is
    not part of the conditional and so will always be

    • Wayne

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  1. Viorel 110.1K Reputation points

    Remove the first ';'.

  2. Timon Yang-MSFT 9,571 Reputation points

    My guess is that you may have misplaced the two DateTimePickers.

    Try to output the values of two DateTimePickers instead of prompt statements.

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