How long can I set the ScheduledToastNotification.DeliveryTime?

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Hello, I read the Microsoft documentation about ScheduledToastNotification.DeliveryTime, but nowhere it is mentioned about the maximum time I can set. Can I set the delivery time as that it should show after 6 months? Any documentation about this?

//dueTime = DataTime.Now + (6 months + 8 days + 3 hours);

// Create the toast notification object.
var toast = new Notifications.ScheduledToastNotification(toastXml, dueTime); = "Toast" + idNumber;

// Add to the schedule.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A.

    ScheduledToastNotification.DeliveryTime has no time limit.

    You can do a simple test, set the date to one year later, and manually adjust the system time. After the predetermined time is reached, the notification will pop up.

    But if the app is uninstalled, the notification will also be cancelled.


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