Improving the overall experience of C++/WinRT to match the existing C++ competing tools.

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As suggestion from my original tweet,

To improve the C++/WinRT overall tooling experience, consider evaluating the experience going from zero to hero with the following C++ development experiences.

  • Qt, alongside QtCreator, QML and Design Studio
  • C++ Builder with VCL and Firemonkey frameworks
  • Plain old MFC
  • Traditional UWP with C++/CX
  • WinUI with C++/WinRT

Consider it the the "TechEmpower" of C++ RAD tooling, where the end goal is being able to use C++/WinRT as good as the competition is capable of.

Ideally using C++/WinRT should not feel less productive than doing WPF/Windows Forms with C#, an experience that those C++ tools are capable to offer in 2020.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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