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Graphh API call getMailboxUsageDetail reurn not found tenandID

the api for users, gropus return result, but when going to access usage report (i.e :getMailboxUsageDetail) is return error with "we do not recognize this tenant id". But this tenant id was work nicely when getting users/groups api. what is the real cause of this issue

{"error":{"code":"UnknownError","message":"{\"error\":{\"code\":\"UnknownTenantId\",\"message\":\"We do not recognize this tenant ID 9d99877c-03b5-4f6a-90d8-0609c9eb5d06. Please double-check the tenant ID and try again.\"}}","innerError":{"date":"2021-06-17T01:45:23","request-id":"5a942570-565b-4c20-9a7c-5135de7a2e07","client-request-id":"5a942570-565b-4c20-9a7c-5135de7a2e07"}}}

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Can you please retry the issue with Graph Explorer or POSTMAN (outside of application, so that you can isolate it as well)? If issue persists, share the detailed graph error with requestid, timestamp as well.

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Hello, Today I'm experiencing this issue. It seems like all the reports are not working, because it is working.

"error": {
"code": "UnknownError",
"message": "{\"error\":{\"code\":\"UnknownTenantId\",\"message\":\"We do not recognize this tenant ID 88155c28-f750-4013-91d3-8347ddb3daa7. Please double-check the tenant ID and try again.\"}}",
"innerError": {
"date": "2021-10-22T14:33:48",
"request-id": "f655224f-82c2-4d48-8970-d25a545028bc",
"client-request-id": "f655224f-82c2-4d48-8970-d25a545028bc"

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