Uploading additional libraries apart from the requirements.txt to the deployment stage

Dhananjay Sharma 1 Reputation point

My requirements.txt has a file named "pybdf" which requires numpy before hand. So, I added a step in the github .yaml file to install numpy before. This is the only way i can get the build step to run. The issue is, in the upload section, it automatically installs requirements.txt again, yet it doesnt re-install numpy, therefore i get an error saying "no module named numpy"

I tried adding numpy to the requirements.txt, but then the job fails during the build stage itself, as numpy needs to be there before i install pybdf or i get the "no module named numpy" error.

Essentially, how do i make the deployment stage also execute the pip install numpy step?

yaml file link: https://github.com/dhananjay1710/pyVHR/blob/main/.github/workflows/main_pyvhr2.yml

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