When are we going to have real Fluent UI support from Microsoft for Balzor web client app dev?

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It's been almost 3 years since Blazor Web assembly client apps are in place. With the release of .Net5 during Nov 2020, Blazor became integral part of official Microsoft suite. It's one of the coolest rapid app dev (RAD) platform to build enterprise web apps for C# developers with a smooth learning curve. Wondering if there's any Planned roadmap from Microsoft to fully support professional Fluent UI for Blazor wasm apps. All examples for Fluent UI by MS (https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/fluentui#/controls/web) are for React only. Honestly this is one of very few professional web ui control provider for enterprise apps.

The other alternative options are scattered all over github. This one (https://www.blazorfluentui.net/) is good for beginners, but has lot's of bugs, also it doesn't offer pro features like fluentui by MS. The other choices left are here (https://jsakamoto.github.io/awesome-blazor-browser/) but again not at that level of Fluent UI by MS

Really looking for a long term official offering from Microsoft for Fluent UI support for Blazor wasm developers. This will eliminate lot of work around JS interop code bloat and help developer productivity. Appreciate any pointers.

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    Please refer to Microsoft.Fast.Components.FluentUI package which provides a lightweight set of Blazor component wrappers around Microsoft's official FluentUI Web Components. The FluentUI Web Components are built on FAST and work in every major browser.

    To get up and running with Microsoft.Fast.Components.FluentUI see the docs below:


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