HLK Testing USB Network driver - NDIS PM and DF PNP Surprise Remove

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We are running HLK tests over Windows 20H1 system(acting as DuT HLK Client).
We've completed all tests pending only two tests.
Earlier we used a system with a lesser hardware configuration and faced issue with Sleep-Resume tests(especially WLAN Association Tests - OPEN_WPA2_AES). It will fail under a connection timing on hibernate resume due to the overhead created by tests. It got resolved quickly with the upgraded system.
Currently with the newer system, we are facing with a new issue which passes on the older system.

1) NDIS-PM Test:
The test relates to bugcheck in ndtproto.sys. The issue could be a bug in HLK test environment according to the message from debugger:
This could possibly be a bug in the tester! Please report this to
lanlogo if using WLAN
wlanndt if using LAN
ASSERTION(pOpenConfig->NdisMedium == pBindParameters->MediaType) in FILE(net\kit\legacycontent\ndistest65\protocol\sys\bindingmanager.cpp) LINE(943).
Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)
It could not be overcome currently.

A report of similar issue unresolved:
HLK for Windwos 10 - PM-Requirements test for Wlan adapter failed on HLK 1803. (microsoft.com)

2) DF - PNP Surprise Remove Device Test:

We get the error :
"Error: WDTF_PNP : Result: Failed, device gone, ( Status=0 () Problem=0 () )"

Though the driver is in loading stage and works well before the sub tests deems fail.

A similar issue in the past, however ruled out its not the case here:
DF-PNP Surprise Remove Device Test + Network Adapter failure due to open handles (Svr2019/HLK1809) (microsoft.com)

Another report of similar issue unresolved:
Device gone error message during DF tests on HCK 8.1 (microsoft.com)

PS: HLK filters applied. Real-time protection was causing issue and disabled it.


HLK, WLAN Association Tests - OPEN_WPA2_AES, NDISTest 6.5 - PM_Requirements, DF - PNP Surprise Remove Device Test

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