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So I started using Microsoft Q and A sometime this year and I'm not exactly sure how, but I ended up with 2 accounts, one of which I can't access.
I used to ask my questions on the old forums, and at some point, when I tried to use them, I was re-directed here. My memory is a bit vague because it was quite a while ago, and I only noticed the problem now, so I apologize if my description of the events is not helpful...
When I was redirected, I believe I was requested to create an account, which I did. At one moment in time, I had to reset my password (because I don't log in frequently and I eventually downright forgot it...).

In the end, there are 2 user accounts, both of which belong to me: @kirillandy and @kirillandy . Right now I have access to 0739. I am absolutely positive that both of them are tied to the same e-mail address. This is because I only have 2: the first is recognized by Microsoft when I sign in, the second is not recognized as an existing address. Due to this, I believe that I can only access one of the two accounts. Is there any way for me to sort out this mess I caused? :(
To see an example of me posting from 2 accounts, see this thread

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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    The QnA profiles are linked one-to-one to a microsoft account. In order to use your other QnA profile you'll just need to sign on with the other microsoft account.

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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    QnA profiles do not have a password. A QnA profile simply uses a microsoft account for the authentication process. If an account access problem then also try resetting via the account recovery form.

    The other profile only has one question asked about two weeks ago so maybe that helps to figure out the account used.

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