Group policy applying but not effecting the system

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Dear Community,

I have a windows 8.1 machine on which I am testing a policy. I want to open a website on startup page through group policy on google chrome. But it won't show any page on start up page.
I want to ask where should I apply this policy on user OU or Computer OU? As I ahve created a test accont in AD and a computer and have added both in Comptera nd user OUs and have then applied the policy.
I want to know where shoud l exaclty apply it ? Under Computer Conguration or User Configuration. I applied it on both User and computer OU and under policy I enabled it on both Computer Configuration and User Configuration as I was not sure where to apply it?
It shows up as succesfully applied while running rspo.msc and gpresult /v . Please suggest what I am doing wrong?

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  1. Dave Woolsey 256 Reputation points

    The configuration should work in either setting. If you'd like to deploy the GPO to specific users regardless of the machine they are using, you would use the User Configuration. If you want to deploy to a specific set of machines regardless of the users logging in to them, use the Computer Configuration.

    I would personally use the computer configuration to make sure only end user machines are receiving the policy. You then want to link it to an OU containing some or all of the machines you are deploying to. Here is the policy setting that you should be using.

    Computer (or User) Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Google -> Google Chrome -> Startup, Home page, and New Tab page -> URLs to open on startup

    If you are still having issues after verifying everything, I would double check the browser versions and the ADMX templates.

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  2. Fan Fan 15,291 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    First, we’d better confirm the difference between Computer Configuration and User configuration.
    Computer Configuration in Group Policy is applied to computers, regardless of who logs on to the computers.

    User Configuration in Group Policy is applied to users, regardless of which computer they log on to.
    If we set the settings collide with each other in Computer Configuration and User Configuration in one GPO, the Computer configuration will override the User Configuration.

    For details, please refer to the following article.
    Computer Configuration
    User Configuration

    So, for user policy (under user configuration), we should link the GPO to containers containing user objects.
    For the Computer configuration policy, we should link the GPO to the containers containing computer objects.
    To check the gpresult, you can try the following command:

    Gpresult /h report.html(to get the computer configuration, we need to run the CMD as administrator)

    Best Regards,