Quick Sysadmin Sanity Check: Mixing MS logins for OneDrive and Office365

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I retired in January as a university professor (with Professor Emeritus status). I have gotten myself a very high-end retirement desktop computer and a decent new laptop (I sitill have my university laptop and desktop but they are pretty old and limited). I am going to migrate my files in a sensible way that does not cause problems over time. A pillar of this is I hope to use the 5TB OneDrive allocation that any faculty (even retired) gets. This is obviously with my university login.

However, I can't get Office365 stuff from my university for my personal machines, so I will buy a Family Office365 subscription for $99/year. That of course comes with 6 logins, each which gets 1TB OneDrive. I need more than 1TB for my files (a lot of family photos and stuff, backups of all of the DVD and BluRay movies I have purchased,etc), but my family only needs 3-4 logins. So, yes, I could do kludgy "DavePix" accounts or whatnot to segment my files.

I have a buddy who is a sysadmin at my university, and he thinks it is no problem to have my OneDrive on my university account and my Office365 logged in on my personal family account, though I doubt that he has ever tried to do this.. However, to me that seems like hugely asking for trouble. MicroSoft is using to not keeping clean boundaries, and I can almost guarantee that with a login they assume that is YOU, period. And it wants to CONTROL everything you do under that login: "MicroSoft: noun, verb, and adjective".

Do you have any experience or insight here? Any clean solutions that leap out at you? The family version of Office365 lets you pay more, but only up to 2TB/login, which over time won't be enough. (I guess if I'm lucky by the time I need the full 2TB, they will have increased that. But I try to not rely on luck.)

Thanks in advance for any help here. As is hopefully obvious, I will NOT be using Active Directory at home.

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    Sorry: I forgot to mention my new machines run Win10. Hopefully that was obvious!

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    I've posted there; thanks!