Server 2019 Not Presenting Space Correctly

Joseph Rapoport 1 Reputation point

I have a Windows 2019 Server that is not showing some of the drives and drive space correctly.
Within the Windows 2019 OS, some of the drive shows correctly and you can access them without issue; however, a few of the drives when clicked on deliver an error that the drives are not accessible.

What is really strange about this is that when I access Disk Management, the drive shows both healthy and correctly.

But then to make matters even weirder, if I LIST VOLUME in Diskpart the H: drive shows healthy as well; however, if I perform a LIST DISK in DIskpart then the drive shows with 0 free space.


So, effectively, Diskpart sees that the drive is healthy and has free space and doesn't have free space at the same time. The Windows GUI sees that the drive is healthy and has free space and is also inaccessible at the same time.

I have never run into an issue like this and have tried troubleshooting this without success.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    What hardware is being used? I'd check here and with manufacturer about support for Server 2019

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  2. Joseph Rapoport 1 Reputation point

    Thanks for your response @Dave Patrick . I suppose that I should have mentioned previously, but forgot to do so, that this is a VMWare virtual server so all drives are virtual SCSI Disks.

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  3. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    I'd still confirm the host hardware has support. The hypervisor does not insulate from meeting the requirements. Also if the disks are presented via VMWare you may want to ask them or in their forums about this.

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  4. JiayaoZhu 3,911 Reputation points


    Thanks for posting on our forum!

    Firstly, I would like to clarify that it can be normal to have your disk out of free space while your volume still has some free space. Because disk and volume are not exactly the same. When your disk is our of space, it means that you have initiatize all space of your physical disk, as the second screenshot shows. In this case, I want to highlight that initiatizing the whole disk does not equal to running out of the whole disk space. You do not necessarily need to use all of the space. When your volume shows that it has some free space, it indicates that there are some disk space idling on your disk. When your volume shows that there is no other free space any more, then this time, it means you do not have any free space to store. At that moment, you have run out of your disk, totally.

    Secondly, since your disk and volume all present Healthy (this means your file system or software should be fine), I think we should consider more on whether your issue is caused by access permission. You also need to check which kind of hardware disk that you have problem with and whether the disk has any difficulties with your computer. You may also need to go to %SystemRoot%\System32\winevt, to figure out if there is any error codes or messages in the logs occurring during the time when you encountered this issue.

    Thanks for your support!


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  5. Joseph Rapoport 1 Reputation point

    This issue can be considered closed.