Automatically recreated devices in SCCM

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i am using SCCM in a DMZ and all servers are in workgroups and they are not domain joined.

I am installing the SCCM client manually on the devices and they are appearing on the MP and everything is working like it should.

My problem:

If a server is offline and I delete the device on the MP and the server is online again the device is not automatically recreated.

Thanks in advance.


Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Sherry Kissinger 3,801 Reputation points

    As you may or may not know; how an object appears initially in the database is via a "discovery" method. Based on your description, I'm guessing that for that type of device, in your environment, the discovery method used will be "heartbeat" discovery.

    If you check that client, locally in it's logs, look in inventoryagent.log; for the heartbeat discovery action (ends in 0003} ).

    Until that happens on the client, AND it is successfully submitted to the MP, then successfully processed by the primary site, no other actions will successfully be processed by the primary site... the MP might accept things like "hardware inventory", but the primary site won't know what to do with that data--until a discovery method creates that initial record.

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  2. Florian Zepter 81 Reputation points

    Hi Sherry,
    thanks for your answer.

    Following situation:

    1. I ran "Dicovery Data Collection Cycle" on the client.
    2. inventoryagent.log:
      Inventory: Successfully sent report. Destination:mp:MP_DdrEndpoint, ID: {130E1951-E2E7-44ED-8166-1226925CB546}, Timeout: 80640 minutes MsgMode: Signed, Not Encrypted
    3. On the MP i checked MP_Ddr.log Full report from client NEWSERVER action description = Discovery MP_DdrEndpoint 14.07.2021 09:42:28 4356 (0x1104)
      Ddr Task: Translate report attachment to file "d:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\\TJFG53HA.DDR" returned 0 MP_DdrEndpoint 14.07.2021 09:42:28 4356 (0x1104)
      Mp Message Handler: copying attachment to d:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\\DdrAttachmentOK3NMOG9.xml MP_DdrEndpoint 14.07.2021 09:42:29 4088 (0x0FF8)
      Inv-Ddr Task: processing xml file "d:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\\DdrAttachmentOK3NMOG9.xml" MP_DdrEndpoint 14.07.2021 09:42:29 4356 (0x1104)

    So far i think its working.....

    I changed the "Heartbeat Discovery" to 4 Hours.

    But the device is not appearing.

    Any further ideas?


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