Cannot install Windows 10

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I have a new motherboard new SSD and two USB boot drives neither one work they both tell me error cannot install product key from the unattend file. I have no idea what that is or why it’s not installing this is a brand new SSD and motherboard and everything there’s nothing on any of it and I have used two different boot drives neither one worked it just keeps giving me that error.

Windows 10
Windows 10
A Microsoft operating system that runs on personal computers and tablets.
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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    cannot install product key from the unattend file

    I'd try again using new clean install media.

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  2. Miles 1,251 Reputation points


    There are several methods we could try to solve the problem.
    1.Preliminary fixes
    We should check out the following things first before proceeding to more complex solutions
    a)Newly install Windows 10 to the partition in your HDD. Then, clone this to your SSD.
    b)Ensure that your SSD is connected properly to your computer.
    c)Check if you're currently running the latest version of BIOS.
    d)Make sure that your SSD is in the right slot. Your laptop will tell you where exactly to put it. Although this doesn't usually matter if your computer tells you a particular slot to place it in, put it there.
    e)Make sure UEFI is active and not corrupted.
    f)SATA should be set on AHCI mode.

    2.Convert your disk to GPT
    a) Go to BIOS and set the SATA to this: AHCI Mode.
    b)Click on Enable Secure Boot if it appears on the screen.
    c)If the SSD still doesn't show, launch Command Prompt by typing cmd in the Search bar or Run.
    d)Type in diskpart.
    e)Type in list disk. A list of all the active disks will show up.
    f)Type in select disk 0 in the command line.
    NOTE: 0 in the command above indicates the drive number. Replace the number with whatever drive number you're working with.
    g)Ensure that the disk you're going to use has no data you need because we're going to wipe out the drive.
    h)Type in clean all and hit Enter to erase the SSD.
    i)Type exit to exit Command Prompt and proceed to the Windows setup.

    3.Use Windows 10 Media creation tool
    Please download Media Creation Tool from Microsoft's website.

    More specific information we could refer to this link :

    Best Regards

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  3. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    Just checking if there's any progress or updates?

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