agent tracking report shows no recent data

Berg, Ronald van den 46 Reputation points

This report was added in 2019 UR3 and i notice that it doesn't show agents i installed or upgraded in the last week.
If you run the report over a longer period i see that it does shows data from june 2021.

Is this a known issue?

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  1. AlexZhu-MSFT 5,551 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    When you mention "known issue", what do you mean precisely? If we choose longer period, the report is what we expected? However, if we choose shorter period, the report shows blank. If so, which shorter period we choose? I also checked this in the lab and it seems the result is correct.

    screenshots for your reference:

    longer period:


    shorter period:


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  2. Berg, Ronald van den 46 Reputation points

    Well, what i mean is, i have upgraded a bunch of agents this week and i installed an agent last week.
    Now when i run the report over the last 2 weeks i get an empty report.

    I suspect when i run the report in august i will see my actions from the last 2 weeks so i thought there might be some job that needs to run before i will get results in this report.

    In the documentation i see that this rule is responsible for syncing changes:
    Data Warehouse Job Status Information synchronization
    The rule has no overrides but since it works in batches maybe it's far behind.
    Do you know a way i can check if there is a queue for this change processing?

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  3. AlexZhu-MSFT 5,551 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    The problem is really odd. Actually, the data is stored in the below table. We can run the sql query to see if the data exists. I've done a quick lab test (to uninstall an agent) to verify the changes and it appears in the DW database within 3 minutes, almost no delay.

    select * from ChangeTrackingAgent


    In addition, is there any alert about synchronization failure we have observed?

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  4. Berg, Ronald van den 46 Reputation points

    I ran the query. The results of the query are the same as in the report. The agent changes i did on 12-july and were not in the report on 15-july when i opened this topic are now in the report.

    This morning i've upgraded a few agents, waited over an hour and those updates are not in the agentracking table yet so this must be a sync issue.
    I've checked all managementservers eventlogs for sync errors and found nothing related. Since the sync rule runs every 30 secs i would expect to find many errors if it would fail all the time..but noting found.

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