Getting ip ranges for wildcard URLs for firewall

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I have an Azure Data Factory Integration Runtime running on Windows Server 2019. The server has very tight firewall settings, and I need the firewall to be configured to allow connections required by Integration Runtime. I am following documentation on

I have several questions regarding the firewall openings needed:

1) In the documentation, I understand that connection to * needs to be opened. But as I am required to tell ip address or ip ranges for firewall configuration, what values should I give? Is the list of service URLs found from Integration Runtime Service URLs enough?

2) I don't see my FQDN for my Azure Data Factory. Thus I understand that I need to allow traffic to * Again, I don't know what is a good ip range to specify. My Azure Data Factory is located in North Europe. What could I give as ip range for this wildcard url?

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  1. Juho Heinonen 21 Reputation points

    Thanks, we were able to solve this problem, using the ip ranges. Thanks!

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