Email Access has been blocked message on Google Fi VPN

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I set up a tenant with a M365 Business Basic account and a personal domain the other day, and set up my Exchange mailbox on my Android phone.
I received an e-mail this evening from Microsoft alerting me that Access to my Email has been blocked
"You are receiving this message because your IT department has blocked your email access. This could be due to temporary conditions, like your network location.
Contact your IT department with any questions about this mail."
I am the IT department.

I suspect this has to do with having the Exchange Mailbox configured on my Android Phone, which connects to the internet through an always-on Google Fi VPN, which places my location, generally, in New York, whereas my laptop login will appear to be from a different state in Northern New England.

I searched through the Security, Compliance, and Azure AD admin centers and I could not find any sign of this event being logged. Web searches also did not turn up any useful results about this specific problem, though I can't believe I'd be the first person to have it.

I am concerned this is going to keep happening with my account, or with new user accounts which may also get added on Google Fi Android devices. I expect that disabling Security Defaults might disable whatever security feature caught this "suspicious" traffic, but I'd rather find a way to fix this issue permanently without disabling security defaults.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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