how can i set up virt network on windows to to act like vmware player machines using nat

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when running vmware player i could run 3 virt machines at same time all using nat connection to host .
I could use vpn, WIFI, or ethernet connections for the host.
I could also change the ip on my host ethernet to connect to a PLC while also using wifi to connect to the plant network or internet .
this would allow the VMs to got to plant resources, and the static network of the plc at the same time

i want to do the same with Hyper-V . Im having problems understanding how i can set up the nat, virt switch and virt network adapters to allow this.
I also need to be able to access plant or internet via windows 10 as if hyper-v wasnt on the pc at all .

I can do this all with vmware but want to do same with hyper-v


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Windows 10 Network
Windows 10 Network
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  1. Dave Patrick 390.9K Reputation points MVP

    what about when i would need to access both networks from the vm

    Add a second network adapter to the virtual machine connected to the second vSwitch. The host does not need to be involved.

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  1. Dave Patrick 390.9K Reputation points MVP

    On windows 10 the default switch is a NAT switch. From what you describe the simplest solution may be to create two external vSwiches. Plug one into plant network and other into the other PLC network then connect the virtual machines to one or the other as needed.

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  2. Yuhan Deng 3,731 Reputation points

    I believe Patrick‘s got the solutions,thus I’ll just add some reference articles to this case.
    For NAT network configuration you can refer to this:
    And for virtual network you can refer to this:

    Thanks for your time.
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  3. Dave Patrick 390.9K Reputation points MVP

    Just checking if there's any progress or updates?

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  4. Creative-Mechanic 21 Reputation points

    thank you both ... I tried the dual adapter but didnt get to try it on the plc network yet ... I since have been told that by using the default switch it uses Nat and any connectivity thats available to the host like vmware does ... i moved to default switch and can get to the new and hope to be checking out this week with plc connectivity at same time

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