MS Teams - Want to help my college learn how to use Teams for Conferencing (instead of Skype for Business)

Bambace, Ken 41 Reputation points

My college would like to incorporate the use of Teams better - to begin with, using it for Conference Calls (since Skype for Business is getting phased out here). I already know how to use Teams as a basic to intermediate user, but wanted some guidance from more experienced developers/users.

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  1. FrankPeters 6 Reputation points

    Hi Ken,

    You already received great links and content.

    What I would also recommend is creating a plan of approach (adoption strategy);

    • create a multi-disciplinary team (business, technical) but also have different champions / early adopters to create awareness and take the lead in the adoption process
    • create a strategy (i.e. different scenario’s)
    • assess readiness and build a plan
    • execute and onboard with continuous measurement and improvement

    Great adoption course can be found on Edx;


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  2. Karthik Ragavan 6 Reputation points

    @Bambace, Ken There is an excellent course in EDX which might be useful

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  3. Amin ghouli 6 Reputation points

    Want to help my college learn how to use Teams for Conferencing (instead of Skype for Business)link text

    link text

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  4. Kat Memenza 101 Reputation points

    It's awesome that they have a colleague like you to help them and champion it! One of the things that helped me learn a ton about Teams very quickly was having a colleague who was curious and willing to test things and try things in teams as we discovered them.

    So call them on teams regularly and show off what you know! Blur your background - or soon, set your background to something fun! Share something on your screen, or conference in someone else.

    A combination of useful and fun is great for change management.

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  5. Karl Ch 31 Reputation points

    Great links from Pete.

    In addition checkout the MS lean site as there's some great modules for MS teams if your interested in taking things further with MS teams and it's a starting point for overview on certification path for O365 and Teams etc.

    Also I'd strongly recommend once comfortable with MS Teams you and your colleague then taking a look at SharePoint online and especially MS Flow due to their deep integration with MST Teams can then really take things to the next level within a business, a team or personally (especially automating processes and collaboration within a team).

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