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How to change text color in SwitchCell?

I am using a Xamarin.Forms.SwitchCell with TableVIew on an Android application 's settings page. I decided to use black background for my entire app, but get stuck with setting text color on SwitchCell. I've searched for solution and begin to create custom renderer, because I found how is the problem solved in iOS. I've override the GetCellCore method, but I can't reach text property of the cell, the way it was done in iOS solution I found.

Could you tell me how to achieve the functionality I want?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi 88769490,

Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!

If you want to create a custom renderer for SwitchCell, maybe this document: Customizing a ViewCell, which creates custom renderer for ViewCell, can help you.

However, if you want to show a custom SwitchCell in TableView, 'cause SwitchCell is composed of Label and Switch, creating a custom SwitchCell via "ViewCell" will be a much easier way.

First, create a "View Cell" and modify it as follows.

 <ViewCell xmlns="" 
         <StackLayout Orientation="Horizontal">
             <Label Text="{Binding Source={x:Reference MyViewCell}, Path=Text, StringFormat='    {0}'}" 
                    TextColor="{Binding Source={x:Reference MyViewCell}, Path=TextColor}" 
             <Switch IsToggled="{Binding Source={x:Reference MyViewCell}, Path=IsToggled}"

Then create extra custom bindable property for the ViewCell.

 public partial class MySwitchCell : ViewCell
     public MySwitchCell()
     public static readonly BindableProperty TextProperty =
         BindableProperty.Create("Text", typeof(string), typeof(ViewCell), null,
             defaultBindingMode: BindingMode.OneWay);
     public string Text
         get => GetValue(TextProperty) as string;
         set => SetValue(TextProperty, value);
     public static readonly BindableProperty TextColorProperty =
         BindableProperty.Create("TextColor", typeof(Color), typeof(ViewCell), Color.Black,
             defaultBindingMode: BindingMode.OneWay);
     public Color TextColor
         get => (Color)GetValue(TextColorProperty);
         set => SetValue(TextColorProperty, value);
     public static readonly BindableProperty IsToggledProperty =
         BindableProperty.Create("IsToggled", typeof(bool), typeof(ViewCell), false,
             defaultBindingMode: BindingMode.TwoWay);
     public bool IsToggled
         get => (bool)GetValue(IsToggledProperty);
         set => SetValue(IsToggledProperty, value);

Here is the XAML test page.

         <TableSection Title="Settings">
             <local:MySwitchCell Text="Dark Mode" TextColor="Blue" IsToggled="True"/>
             <local:MySwitchCell Text="Dark Mode" TextColor="Green" IsToggled="False"/>
             <SwitchCell Text="Allow Spamming" />
         <TableSection Title="Performance">
             <SwitchCell Text="Run Super-Fast" OnColor="Yellow" On="True" />


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Thank you for support!

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MaximAlexeyev-8012 answered

I implemented custom renderer:

 [assembly: ExportRenderer(typeof(Xamarin.Forms.SwitchCell), typeof(Samle.Droid.CustomRenderers.SwitchCellColorRenderer))]
 namespace Samle.Droid.CustomRenderers
     public class SwitchCellColorRenderer : SwitchCellRenderer
         protected override Android.Views.View GetCellCore(Cell item, Android.Views.View convertView, ViewGroup parent, Context context)
             var result = base.GetCellCore(item, convertView, parent, context);
             if (result is SwitchCellView scv)
 // set custom color
                 var textColor = ThemeHelper.GetThemedColor("textColor");
             return result;
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