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Cannot transfer domain to another azure account


I have used my personal azure account to apply a domain After that, I have created email and created a new azure account with

Now I would love to transfer domain from my personal azure account to Is that reasonable and possible?

I have followed some instruction but stuck at Remove Protection where it leaves a phone number to get support but hard to call in.

There was an error processing your request. Please try again. If the error continues contact support at 18006427676.

Please help.

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@rao-au Thank you for your question and we apologize for the frustration that you have encountered.

How long has it been since you purchased the domain?

You can't transfer your domain if it's within 60 days of registration or a previous transfer, if a 60-day lock was applied after updating domain contact information, or if your domain has Ownership Protection.

It sounds as if you recently purchased your domain. If it's been less than 60 days, there is a hard lock in place to help prevent fraud and abuse of domain ownership. At this time, there is not a way to expedite this situation.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter and we would be happy to address them. We appreciate your understanding of this matter.

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hi @brtrach-MSFT thank you for your answer. i will try it in 60 days.

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Hi @brtrach-MSFT I still face the same issue. Can you please help?

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Yes! we are here to assist you!
Let us know when you hit the mark and we will be glad to help you out!

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Sorry @Taz-3478 I did not get what u meant. Hit what mark?

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Looks like some conversation history is gone. Can you please help with it now ?

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Hope you are having a great day!
Thank you for asking a Question! We are Glad to Assist you!.

Please Follow these steps in order move the domain outside of Azure:

  1. In Azure, open the domain resource. Under domain management, Open Advanced Management Portal.

  2. On the Management portal, click on the domain you are going to transfer.

  3. Scroll down to Privacy Settings, be sure to turn Privacy off.

  4. Scroll down to Additional Settings, turn off Domain Lock.

  5. On Additional Settings, click on Transfer my domain away from Azure.

  6. Follow the onscreen suggestions presented. Click on Continue with transfer.

  7. An "EPP Code" will be generated. The customer will need to present this code to his new registrar.

  8. After 12-24 hours of the Transfer being initiated, open again the Advanced Management Portal. Click on the Domains drop down list. Select the Transfers option.

  9. The domain you wish to transfer should appear on this list. Select it and click on Accept Transfer.

Let me know if the above solution resolved your issue!

Tasadduq Burney

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Hi @Taz-3478 Thank you for your response. I am actually not moving the domain out of azure but just want to move to another azure account. Am I still choosing "Transfer domain away from Azure"?

Another question please, sorry if its a bit silly, as you can see, this domain is under my personal azure account, and i want to transfer it to a business azure account Also this business azure account's mail domain is actually equal to this to-be-transferred domain. Is it possible to do that?

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Basically what happened was, I used my personal email to create an azure account, then i created this domain

Later I use this domain to create mail, and then use this to create a new azure account.

now what i want to understand is, if it is possible to move domain from my personal-email azure account to the azure account?

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Hi @Taz-3478 It is more than 24 hours since I initiated the Transfer out of azure but the status is still pending.

Just want to let you know it again, I am stuck at 140690-image.png

PS. all other settings are ticked off.

I am also wondering if it's possible that the mail protection stops it and throws the error? i have an outlook mail set under this domain. If it's the case, how can i proceed with it?

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