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I'm back using a W10 laptop after many years using a Mac so if I am missing something basic, excuse me.

I have a large external screen - 32" 3840x2160 - and i like to float my application windows around in it in comfortable and convenient positions.

I regularly connect to a number of remote PCs and servers using RDP.
those most regularly used are saved as .rdp files on my desktop and the remainder are saved as tiles in the Remote Desktop app.

i don't want to connect to these machines in full screen mode. My preference is to open a screen at 1920x1200.
If I set that and save as an RDP shortcut, when I execute that shortcut, the window that opens is 1900x1200 but it won't float. it is in effect maximised in the top left corner but in a 1900x1200 window. I need to click the restore down button (top right) to float the window and then manually scale the window back up to 1900x1200 manually.

Is there a way to get it to float from the start?

if i use the tiles in the Remote desktop app, it ALWAYS opens full screen, which is a pain, and I then need to de-fullscreen it to get it into a floating window. Anything I can do to change that behaviour?

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