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How do I find and install Microsoft .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Security Update for August 2021

I am a System Administrator who receives a weekly Qualys security vulnerability report from IS Security. The most recent report states a couple of my Windows Server 2019 servers need the update "Microsoft .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Security Update for August 2021".

When I login and check for updates on these servers I am not seeing this update. Also I checked installed updates and it is not there either.

Below is the Qualys solution which is not too helpful unless I am missing something. It looks to me to be links to install .NET itself and not security patches/updates. Can anyone tell me how to install the update? If so, I greatly appreciate it:)

SOLUTION: Customers are advised to refer to CVE-2021-26423 (, CVE-2021-34485 ( and CVE-2021-34532 ( vulnerability/CVE-2021-34532) for more details pertaining to this vulnerability. Patch:

Following are links for downloading patches to fix the vulnerabilities:





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I cannot see downloads on the links provided?

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