Docker-Compose with Node/ASP support

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Hey! I'm having an issue attempting to use visual studio to add docker/docker-compose support to a node project. When clicking on the node project and pressing add docker support it gives me the following error

An error occurred while adding Docker File support to this project

Parameter name: index

So I created the docker file myself and ensured that it works on its own by running it through docker build/run(which works fine)

I then add this docker file to the docker-compose startup project in visual studio and I get the following error

CTC1030 Unable to find the template docker-compose.vs.debug.yml

This node project is placed alongside some ASP stuff and the docker-compose builds just fine when i remove the node project.

I know I can do the docker compose stuff myself, however my team is full of people who dont know docker well and Its considered a must that were able to just click the run button and it all works in visual studio. Is there anyway I can accomplish this or has anyone else seen these errors and has any solutions for me?

(This error is popping up on VS preview 3.1 and VS 2019 LTS)


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