get ListItem returns lookupID instead of lookupValue for lookupCollums

Oliver Funk 21 Reputation points

a SPO list which contains lookup fields does not return the shown values in SPO list view but the lookupID instead.

using getListItem as well as getListItemID both return not the shown values in SPO list view but the lookupID values - which makes it hard to do any kind of Join visible with one request.
Is that build by design or a bug.

see below a sample,xxxxxxx/lists/yyyyyyyyyy/items?$expand=fields
"fields": {
"@odata.etag": "\"e6b81beb-9cf1-4c8b-b5dc-2f298bfdefeb,3\"",
"Title": "001-200",
"JahrLookupId": "3",
"ReferatLookupId": "1",

Microsoft Graph Site Lists API
Microsoft Graph Site Lists API
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  1. Michael 17,921 Reputation points

    Hi @Oliver Funk ,

    Per my test, I could get the same result as yours on my end. Seems like it's by design that it would return the lookupId for lookupColumns in the response.

    As a workaround, you could specify the return fields in the request like this: ?$expand=fields($select=lookupcolumn1,lookupcolumn2),xxxxxxx/lists/yyyyyyyyyy/items?$expand=fields($select=id,Title,Jahr,Referat)  

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  1. Red217 1 Reputation point

    i dont really understand the workaround , how can i get "the content" if it isnt there ?
    all i am getting is the LookupID :-(

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