Percept DK got corrupted after an incorrect deployment. how do i bring it back?

kaushik roy 56 Reputation points

Hi i deployed a wrong deployment json onto percept dk and it is not showing me anythign now. i tried flashing the firmware but its not working either .can you help?

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  1. António Sérgio Azevedo 7,666 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @kaushik roy ,

    In order to delete all existing data on the device, including SSH Users, AI models and containers you can Update Azure Percept DK over a USB-C connection and then start a new OOBE setup.

    There isn't an option to remove previous users "from OOBE setup" but you can do it via SSH using some standard Linux commands to remove SSH users.

    1. Get the list of user names (service names also will be shown) : cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd
    2. Delete the user in question: : sudo userdel <users_name>
    3. DO NOT DELETE any other users as they are used by services.

    **Note: ** User names created for SSH only need to be created once. Not every time OOBE is ran. You can "Skip" or "Next" past the SSH pages. The previous username still exists and is usable for SSH "as is". When you get to device setup page, you would pick "Setup as a new device" and choose a new device name. This will create a new device instance in IoT Hub and deploy the appropriate default modules. Finally you can then go to Azure Portal and delete the old/previous Devices in Iot Hub to clean up things.

    I hope I could help :).


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  1. kaushik roy 56 Reputation points

    i basically went through the OOTB experience again and set it up correctly. however i noticed one thing that any user created before is always existing. so after 3 failed installations i got it right at 'kaushik04' but all previous attempted usernames are there. what can i do to clean those?