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Thank You to the Q&A Volunteer Moderators

We would like to celebrate this month's Volunteer Moderators for their great contribution to the community on Q&A!

Q&A Volunteer Moderator program recognizes external technology experts who contribute to the Microsoft Q&A community by providing quality answers to the technical questions. They are our true ‘champions’ and provide additional help by taking moderator roles and provide suggestions to improve our overall platform as well as user experience. This program includes both MVPs and non-MVP expert users.

Thank You to the Q&A Volunteer Moderators.
They are helping make Q&A a vibrant place for learning.

@VaibhavChaudhari @learn2skills @nasreen-akter @NandanHegde-7720 @LeonLaude @ManuPhilip @AndreasBaumgarten
@DSPatrick @michev @SandervandeVelde42 @AndyDavid @stan @Sam-Cogan @AlbertoMorillo @DavidLowndes-6766
@JaliyaUdagedara @kasunraj @MartinCairney-6481 @MatthijsvdVeer

Also, if you are interested in joining the VM program and help shape the future of Q&A, please apply here: VM Application form

Special invitation to:

@CristianSPIRIDON72 @RyanAbbey-0701 @Dev073 @cooldadtx @pituach @ErlandSommarskog @arkiboys @andriybilous @OlafHelper-2800 @Samy-7940 @sadomovalex @MarkKromer-2402 @TomPhillips-1744 @AlanKinane @jhueppauff @PierreLucGiguere-5297 @BillBell-6414 @sanm-7576 @David-3633

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Good day anonymous user


Thank you for the invitation to become a moderator here... but...
I am already moderator here from the first day of the forum
In fact, I am moderator here before the first day, from the private preview days 130332-image.png

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Hi Ronen @pituach - Apologies for the confusion caused. To clarify this new program is to recognize external users/ MVPs who primarily provide substantial number of high quality answers to Q&A. One of the incentives the members get are moderator privileges. We are working on updating the program name so it's more clear.

Also, we do recognize your and other MVPs contributions to Q&A Platform features since a long time now. We would like to invite interested MVPs to join the program as appropriate. I would connect with all of you via teams channel. Thank you

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Sound great priya @priagr 130631-image.png

By the way, I HIGHLY recommend to check and install the QnA extension "ShowHideContent", from GitHub to any moderator. It will make your life in the forum much simpler

note: The YouTube recording there which explain the features that it adds is very old (I need to create a new recording) and the extension brings more those days.

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image.png (936 B)

Thank you so much team for Special invitation. I want to contribute more on Cognitive service side.

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@David-3633 Hi David,
Tagging you here again since it didnt work in the original post. Pls apply to the program if interested. Thanks

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TThank you @michev @stan @Sam-Cogan @kasunraj for your contributions so far in the program. Tagging you here since it didn't work in the original post.

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Thank you for the Special invitation Team. Its encouraging more to contribute.

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@Dev073 , Thank you for joining in .

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