event receiver assign people/group column value from list to people/group field in another list

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i have two lists. the event receiver have to assign value (its a group) from people/group field from one list to people/group field in another list. my code is

SPQuery upitponude = new SPQuery();
                upitponude.Query = "<Where><Eq>" + "<FieldRef Name='ID' />" + "<Value Type='Text'>" + idponudesmestajZ + "</Value>" + "</Eq>" + "</Where>";
                SPListItemCollection kolekcijaponudaizPonudeSmestajZbirno = PonudeSmestajZbirno.GetItems(upitponude);
                foreach (SPListItem ponuda in kolekcijaponudaizPonudeSmestajZbirno)
                    SPGroupCollection group = properties.Web.Groups;
                    int brojgrupa = group.Count;
                    for (int i = 1; i <= brojgrupa; i++)
                        if (group[i].Name == ponuda["ТИМ"].ToString())
                            SPFieldUserValueCollection value = new SPFieldUserValueCollection();
                            value.Add(new SPFieldUserValue(properties.Web, group[i].ID, group[i].Name));
                            properties.ListItem["ТИМ"] = value;

value of ponuda["ТИМ"].ToString() every time is null. this field in list has value(the group).
what i do?

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  1. gogi100 46 Reputation points

    the other values in SPListItem 'ponuda' like:


    have values, just ponuda["ТИМ"] has not value.

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  2. RaytheonXie_MSFT 19,726 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @gogi100 ,
    First we need to confirm the type of column "ID".It's "<Value Type='Number'>" as usual. If the type wrong,we will get Multiple groups and the group is FieldUserValue.
    We can't get the value correctly.
    Then we need to check multiple selections as "no" like following in list setting,or it will return a collection.This option can also affect the way we retrieve group value.
    Finally we can use following code to get single group

    SPFieldUserValue groups = (SPFieldUserValue)ponuda["ТИМ"];  
    if (group[i].Name == groups.LookupValue){  

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