Configuration settings in Azure App Service to change the structure of the wwwroot page

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I am created an app service that contains my back end code that I would like to acces via a custom google chrome extension that I have created. Upon loading the plugin, it is designed to go and grab a script that contains all the instructions for what the program needs to do next. The only issue with this is that the url I use to access this code takes me to the wwwroot page (the kudu advanced tool) where all of my code is being stored in folders. When I make a request to this url, I open a folder and want to get a response containing a json structured as follows :

{filename1: "code from filename1" , filename2: "code from filename 2", .......}

The current response I am getting right now is just an html breakdown of the contents of the page which does not work with the plugin I have created

Is there a configuration setting in Azure App Service that will allow me to cahnge the structure of this wwwroot page adn allow me to modify my response as desired?
We also think that the issue may be with routing. How can i configure the service to pass requests to a specific js file from the root domain or a virtual path?

Thank you

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