Setup cannot locate Windows Debugging VS Integration Dev12-x86_en-us.msi

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A previous employee at my comapny has produced some Windows XP drivers using Windows Debugging VS Integration Dev12-x86_en-us.msi. I am trying to install the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) version 8.1 which was used for originally developing these drivers, however, I get an error message that the installer "Windows Debugging VS Integration Dev12-x86_en-us.msi" cannot be found.

I'm trying to solve a Visual Studio error which I receive when attempt to compile the drivers:

warning : The build tools for WindowsKernelModeDriver8.1 cannot be found.

On other forums, I found that Microsoft removed the WDK8.1 installer from the Microsoft download pages because the installer was deemed unsuitable for download because the MDA checksum format was incorrect. This was over 1 year ago. The Microsoft employee also said that they would re-upload the WDK8.1 installer when the MDA checksum is corrected. The current download link for this installer is dead.

Can somebody please assist me in acquiring the proper installer? Thank you.

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