Need to build a task that retains an old run of pipeline, using the buildid of the old run

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I have looked at this article :
It shows how to retain a run using a task. I was able to pin my current pipeline run using the methods suggested in the post.

I want to retain an old run of a different pipeline from my current pipeline. I have access to the buildId of the run I want to retain.

  • task: PowerShell@2
    condition: and(succeeded(), not(canceled()))
    name: RetainDMXUFSRunFromBuildId
    displayName: Retain DMX-UFS run from BuildId
    # failOnStderr: true
    targetType: 'inline'
    script: |
    $contentType = "application/json";
    $headers = @{ Authorization = 'Bearer $(System.AccessToken)' };
    $rawRequest = @{ daysValid = 365 * 2; definitionId = 1; ownerId = 'User:$(Build.RequestedForId)'; protectPipeline = $false; runId = ${<!-- -->{ parameters.rtl_build_id }} };
    $request = ConvertTo-Json @($rawRequest);
    $uri = "$(System.CollectionUri)$(System.TeamProject)/_apis/build/retention/leases?api-version=6.0-preview.1";
    Write-Output Invoke-RestMethod -uri $uri -method POST -Headers $headers -ContentType $contentType -Body $request;

When I run this pipeline, it always retains this run from the current pipeline and NOT the run for which the buildId was mentioned.

Please help me out.

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    The product group for Azure DevOps / TFS actively monitors questions over at

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