How to detect mail sending in Outlook Javascript API ?

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I'm currently developing an Outlook add-in thanks to JavaScript API and I would like to know when the user just clicked the send button, in order to add some background code.

I already tried to add some code when the user is sending the email by adding the code below into the manifest :

        <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="Events">

            <Event Type="ItemSend" FunctionExecution="synchronous" FunctionName="validateBody" />


But somehow, it doesn't seem to work.

I also noticed that everything is cached, and it may be the issue since it doesn't load the new code. I tried to delete my browser cache (because it's mentioned in several posts), but it doesn't seems to load the new code either.

Is there some listener in order to detect the email sending, or did I do something wrong ?

Also, Is there a way to prevent the add-in files to be cached or even to delete the cache ?

Thank you in advance

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