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MS Office Online document editing in Web Application with documents stored in File System


I am looking for MS Office Word document editing solution in the web browser for one of my application where the documents are stored on the File System.

The requirement is to
1) View, edit the document in Web Browser that are actually stored on server's hard drive through application.
2) Open/Save the document in MS Word installed client's machine and view/update operations take place at the actual source that would be the file sitting on server's disk.

I have seen some articles regarding moving the documents to SharePoint or Cloud. I am just expecting a solution with the above requirements without SharePoint or Cloud or any other storage option except the server's drive.


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Hi Varun,

It sounds to me like you want a WOPI solution. Here is an article that discusses this solution:

Using the WOPI protocol to integrate with Office Online

You can also see examples of implementations on github like this one:


Depending on which Office platform you are targeting with your integration, Microsoft's cloud or an on-premises deployment of Office Online Server Deployment , you will use different resources for asking questions to support folks. For the latter (on-premises deployment), you can ask them here. For the former, Microsoft's cloud deployment, you would ask them in Yammer after joining the Cloud Storage Partner Program.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Tom Jebo
Sr Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Open Specifications

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Hello Tom,

Thanks for coming back to me.
I think the latter one will be close to what we are looking for with on-premises deployment of Office Online Server Deployment.

The only thing that's not aligned to our environment is binding with SharePoint.
Can we bind Office Online Server Farm to file system as we have documents stored on server's drive?

Right now the documents are in database, and for our current editor we are bringing them to file system just before they are accessed.


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Hi Varun,

Yes, the Sharepoint binding is part of the Office Online Server deployment documentation only because that is general to setting up OOS and Sharepoint as the file host. If you providing your own file system to replace Sharepoint as the file host, then you won't bind to Sharepoint. Instead, your file host will read the discovery.xml from OOS and integrate it with your file host's UI so that users can activate the Office web apps within your host's UI. This is described in the following resources:

Using the WOPI protocol to integrate with Office Online - This is for the cloud program but the principles and steps are roughly the same
WOPI server in NodeJs

Since you are planning to use Office Online Server, questions about the product itself including deployment, can be directed to the Office client support [office-online-server-*] tags and questions specific to the WOPI protocol (i.e. [MS-WOPI]) direct to [openspecs-office].



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Thanks Jared!

I have tagged [office-online-server-general]. For downloading Office Web Apps Server, I was trying to register to VLSC and I get the message "The business email address provided during registration is not affiliated with an Open License and/or Volume License Agreement."

I have MS Office Subscriptions through link when I check through MS Office installed at my local machine.

Can you or someone else please help me in getting the download package and license etc?
Is there any trial version as well so that we can be sure whether it is suitable for our environments?

Again thank you so much for your help!


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