com classes in Windows 11

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shell extensions don't work in Windows 11... and also other modules that are providing com interfaces, like e.g. our Disk Cleanup Handler (provides a IEmptyVolumeCache2) ... and, we think, this could be because of some security features that we don't understand... we get a lot of calls in the QueryInterface function and don't understand them or which we would have to answer with an interface... but maybe it's the one asking for IEUserBroker? or is there something else, like a manifest we need to integrate or something?

the problem at the moment simply is, that... alltough Windows is calling and getting those interfaces for our modules, in the end it doesn't call a function of them... and simply nothing happens... so... any ideas what's wrong here?

... it must be a general problem and again, Microsoft doesn't say anything about it... C++/COM Modules are completely ignored by those guys... they only talk about "apps" ... those .net pieces of s**t with just one function that's calling a server via https in order to show some crap that nobody really needs...

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    Hello @RudolfMeier,

    Since Windows 11 / Server 2022 are still on "Insider" programs, I would recommend you to open a discussion in the TechCommunity forum in order to share your concern or features missing to the Devs:

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