Word does not Print page range, only full document 2021

Reinier Arbelo 21 Reputation points

Hi, I have Office 365 2021 Emprersarial, more than a week ago I have problems with printing some documents from My PC, it happens that if I send the entire document to print, it prints perfectly, but if I send a range of pages to print or a specific page of that same document as it does not print or get stuck in the print queue, it is as if it were not sent to print.
Other word files print perfectly by ranges and complete but only some word documents are those that give this problem, I also print by ranges from PDF or Excel etc without difficulty, the most worrying thing is that more and more word documents with this problem appear to me and they are files created previously and that did not present this difficulty, it is also happening to other co-workers with this same office 365,

I appreciate in advance any kind of help or guidance. Thanks!!

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  1. Viki Ji_MSFT 4,441 Reputation points

    Hi @Reinier Arbelo ,
    Welcome to Q&A forum!

    Are there any error messages when this issue occured? If so, please describe it in detail or share a screenshot with us.

    it is also happening to other co-workers with this same office 365

    < Are you using the same printer? Are the problematic Word documents the same?

    Consider that only some Word files have this issue. Please confirm the following information with us and try the troubleshooting steps:

    1. First of all, it is recommended that you check whether the page number settings in the document are correct.
      This issue occurs if the page number does not match the number of pages for custom printing. It is recommended to generate consecutive page numbers.
    2. What is the format of the file? Please save it in another format (such as .xls) to check.
    3. Where do you save these files? Please save it locally and change the path.
    4. Copy the file in question to another computer and try to print.

    In addition, from the perspective of the printer, I suggest:

    1. Disconnect and reconnect the printer.
    2. Update the printer driver and restart the printer.
    3. If conditions permit, please try to change a printer to check this issue.

    If the above do not work, please try to repair Office.
    Any updates, please let me know.

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  1. Charles Kenyon 2,801 Reputation points

    February 28, 2022

    This is apparently a recent bug related to the presence of a TOC field in the document. It has also shown up on the consumer Microsoft Answers site and MVPs there stated that it is related to updating of very old code and may take a while to sort out.

    Another workaround is to save/print as pdf and print from the pdf.

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  2. J Law 1 Reputation point

    I'm also having this problem for the second time. Checking the "update fields before printing" worked the first time but this time it didn't. However, I checked the box below "update linked data before printing" and it worked. I hope this doesn't happen again since there are no more boxes to check underneath. :(

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  3. Samuel Egger 1 Reputation point

    Same issue here.

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  4. MKSilent 1 Reputation point

    I have a few clients experiencing this as well, but the suggested fix isn't working for them.