What IPs to map for subnet routing in Traffic Manager

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I've set up a Traffic Manager Profile that uses the subnet routing method to 2 endpoints. One is an Azure Web App, the other is a Public IP (with a DNS tag name) attached to an Azure Virtual Machine. With no subnet routing I can access them both so the endpoints are definitely set up fine.

This doc says to add the end user IP to traffic manager, which I've done and can't get the routing to work. This doc however says to use the IP address of the recursive DNS that is used - I don't know the outbound IP of my ISPs DNS and don't expect my customers to either. I've put in the IPs of the DNS servers in traffic manager and that doesn't work either.

I want to use this feature to route customers based on their outbound IP to one of two endpoints, have I missed the point and am trying to use the technology incorrectly?


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Azure Traffic Manager
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