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Currently I have in my (2012R2) DNS Management zone file three folders, each of which was created using the right click and select create new domain. Inside those folders are CNAME files. I am planning on migrating the dns settings to GoDaddy. Is there something I need to do to those files before the migration?


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  1. Pierre Audonnet - MSFT 10,096 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Those are subdomains not folder. They look like folder in the administration tools. Folder isn't a DNS term, and that's probably why GoDaddy support is not following.

    The equivalent of this:


    In the GoDaddy interface is:


    Hope this helps.

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  1. Stephen Keating 21 Reputation points

    I will not be using Windows DNS. When I asked GoDaddy about how to create the folders in their DNS Management Zones, they said they could not be created and to ask Microsoft. If I were just to create the CNAME and SRV files, and put them in with the rest of the DNS files, would they still work?

    Thanks for the response

  2. Stephen Keating 21 Reputation points

    We created three folders, _domainkey, _tcp and _tls, to hold either CNAME or SRV records for email security or Teams functionality: sipfed.online.gov.skypeforbusiness.us. sipdir.online.gov.skypeforbusiness.us.

    If we just place these records in with the rest of the A, MX and TXT records in the DNS Zone Management, will that cause a problem? I am assuming the folders were just a way to organize the DNS files.

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  3. Limitless Technology 37,771 Reputation points

    Hello @Stephen Keating ,

    I would suggest to post your question in GoDaddy forums, as the community there may have a wider experience with the specifics of the migrations.

    Otherwise, I would not recommend to move internal DNS CNAMES to a public provider unless necessary, for matters of security. There other providers for DNS management in Cloud that can provide you the Public/Internal differentiation. Maybe I am outdated but last time I check GD was not providing that differentiation.

    Best regards,


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  4. Stephen Keating 21 Reputation points

    Thanks for the information from both of you.

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