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Localization of MSI Error Table


I am trying to localize MSI error table. I understand from the below links that Windows Installer SDK (which is now part of Windows SDK) include localized error table

I have installed full Windows SDK and also ran Installers\MSI Development Tools-x86_en-us.msi
Orca and other associated tools are installed including .vbs scripts. However, I couldn't find Intl folder or files as mentioned in the first link

Error.FRA and ActionTe.FRA, are located in the Intl folder of the Windows Installer SDK.

Do I need to anything else in addition or where to get the Error.FRA file as mentioned.

Thank you

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No Intl folder in my Windows 10 SDK either.

Since there is no longer a separate Windows Installer SDK it appears that the documentation is out of date and needs to be revised by Microsoft.

I went back to an old virtual machine and found the Intl folder containing localization files here -


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I also cannot find the Intl folder after WindowsSDK installed.

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