Windows Enterprise 21H1 Deployment - Path not found

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I'm having issues deploying Windows Enterprise 21H1 using MDT, running build version 8456 and ADK version 2004. Windows Enterprise LTSC is deploying correctly.
I had to apply the fix described in the below link to allow the LTSC deployment to work following the ADK upgrade to 2004.

The error occurs during the Inject Drivers phase of the process, due to a path not found. I've included a snapshot of the BDD log below:

<![LOG[Found a driver for PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8C31&REV_05: {7db6f5d8-df0e-48bb-9744-31654f2e9258} from \UTILS\DeploymentShare$\Out-of-box Drivers\USB\iusb3hub_4.0.2.42_C9BCB546A50FC28A6183803CBBCA26AA09AED4EAAEB61EF5C74DA5374831B613\iusb3xhc.inf]LOG]!><time="16:09:23.000+000" date="09-22-2021" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers">
<![LOG[ZTI ERROR - Unhandled error returned by ZTIDrivers: Path not found (76)]LOG]!><time="16:09:23.000+000" date="09-22-2021" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="3" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers">
<![LOG[Command completed, return code = -2147467259]LOG]!><time="16:09:23.000+000" date="09-22-2021" component="LiteTouch" context="" type="1" thread="" file="LiteTouch">
<![LOG[Litetouch deployment failed, Return Code = -2147467259 0x80004005]LOG]!><time="16:09:23.000+000" date="09-22-2021" component="LiteTouch" context="" type="3" thread="" file="LiteTouch">
<![LOG[For more information, consult the task sequencer log ...\SMSTS.LOG.]LOG]!><time="16:09:23.000+000" date="09-22-2021" component="LiteTouch" context="" type="1" thread="" file="LiteTouch">

I would be grateful for any assistance with resolving this issue.

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  1. Andy Harris 121 Reputation points

    Thanks you for your reply. I think the issue is related to old drivers, so not a real concern.

    I've actually managed to resolve my issue with deploying Enterprise 21H1 by creating a new task sequence, not really sure how it's working as the new task sequence was created the same way as the old. One on the mysteries of MDT!

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  1. AllenLiu-MSFT 42,901 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi, @Andy Harris
    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.

    Can you validate that this file is present on your Deployment Share:
    \UTILS\DeploymentShare$\Out-of-box Drivers\USB\iusb3hub_4.0.2.42_C9BCB546A50FC28A6183803CBBCA26AA09AED4EAAEB61EF5C74DA5374831B613\iusb3xhc.inf
    If so, try to recreate the share with the same files to see if it helps.

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  2. Andy Harris 121 Reputation points

    Thank you for the response.

    I checked that the file exists in the Deployment Share, ran a complete regeneration of the Deployment Share in Deployment Workbench , updated the Boot Image in WDS, restarted the WDS service and re-tried a deployment of Enterprise 21H1. The same error occurred in the Inject Drivers phase.

    During the re-generation, there were a number of driver related errors (see example below).

    Installing 1 of 1 - E:\DeploymentShare\Out-of-box Drivers\Net\net8187b_62.1182.0331.2010_B046BD4F8C88E09577AB8151633F255E7A1D5016FDC2B25D4109109C211BE2B3\net8187Se.inf:
    INFO: DISM has skipped driver signature check because the version of running OS and that of target OS do not match.
    Error - An error occurred. The driver package could not be installed.
    For more information, check for log files in the <windir>\inf folder of the target image.

    Error: 2

    The system cannot find the file specified.

    The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log