Connect an IP Camera with Azure Video Analyzer

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I am trying To Connect IP Camera to Azure For Azure Video Analyzer But I cant able to Connect it to the Real Camera which has an Specific Network when i Changed The RTSP URL in the livePipelineSet it does not working Did I Missing Something?

I have Used QuickStart (URL: . So I Changed the livePipelineSet Parameter of RTSP URL and Credentials to the Physical IP Camera. But it shows as connectionTimeout and connectionTimeout. IS there Anything i am doing incorrectly? Please Help me

This is the Response I am getting

"body": {
"code": "connectionTimeout",
"target": "rtsp"
"properties": {
"topic": "/subscriptions/13e4e8c3-35cb-442a-81eb-28282f1d4b06/resourceGroups/ganesh-video-analyzer1/providers/Microsoft.Media/videoAnalyzers/avasamplec3pcbv2yuvs5g",
"subject": "/edgeModules/avaedge/livePipelines/mdpipeline1/sources/rtspSource",
"eventType": "Microsoft.VideoAnalyzer.Diagnostics.NetworkError",
"eventTime": "2021-09-24T07:32:07.878Z",
"dataVersion": "1.0"
"systemProperties": {
"iothub-connection-device-id": "avasample-iot-edge-device",
"iothub-connection-module-id": "avaedge",
"iothub-connection-auth-method": "{\"scope\":\"module\",\"type\":\"sas\",\"issuer\":\"iothub\",\"acceptingIpFilterRule\":null}",
"iothub-connection-auth-generation-id": "637679727890000629",
"iothub-enqueuedtime": 1632468727875,
"iothub-message-source": "Telemetry",
"messageId": "ba8e4c27-81e7-4b41-98cc-c09e0150b612",
"contentType": "application/json",
"contentEncoding": "utf-8"

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  1. Nikita Pitliya 1 Reputation point

    Hi @Ganesh ,

    Can you check if your camera's IP address is discoverable on port 554? The rtspsim module uses 554 as default port.
    You can check this with the command "ping <camera-ip-address>:554".
    If failed to connect, login to your router's configuration website and Set up port forwarding for IP camera device to use port 554.

    Also make sure your camera is supported as per current limitations of Azure Video Analyzer