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William Buchanan 61 Reputation points

Hi all

This is a strange problem. We have an ASP.NET MVC application. We have a problem where if you close a page before it has finished loading, then it is impossible to get in to the application again without closing all your browser windows. So, this is the sequence of events:

  • Load application - everything works fine
  • Load a page - while it is loading close the browser/tab
  • Open a new tab and browse to application -> ** nothing loads **
  • Close all open browsers (e.g. Chrome)
  • Reload browser
  • Navigate to application -> works ok.

Has anyone seen this before?
If I press the pause button on the debugger while the page is loading it just tells me nothing is executing. I occasionally get something like below where it looks like a task is awaiting a scheduled task, but this is all in Microsoft code.

Any thoughts where I can start looking?



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  1. Bruce Barker 796 Reputation points

    I sounds like you are performing some cookie logic. the browser reset clears the cookies. you could just use the browser debug utilities, to determine the cookie (just delete one by one each site cookie until it works).

  2. William Buchanan 26 Reputation points

    So, basically I ended up just making my own session manager, and this has solved the problem.

    To me it looks like the ASP.NET Session manager isn't really fit for purpose any more. It might have been in the olden days, but now with multiple ajax calls being common, and the fact that a long running operation can leave the site completely unusable I think my advise to anyone would just be to avoid using it altogether.

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