Licensing for application developed using WPF in Visual Studio 2019 (Community Edition)

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Hi, I am a student currently studying in university. I am currently taking an academic module named “Real World Project” which requires the students to develop a desktop application for an actual employer (an external company). For your information, the desktop application will be provided to the external company, and it will not be sold for commercial use. I plan to use WPF in Visual Studio 2019 (Community Edition) to develop the desktop application. However, I am worried about whether a paid license is required to develop an application for an external company, and for the company to use the application. I do not wish to pay for the license just to develop an application for an academic module project, and I also do not want to cause problems to the company due to this licensing issue.

I researched and found the following statement:
"If you are an enterprise, your employees and contractors may not use the software to develop or test your applications, except for: (i) open source; (ii) Visual Studio extensions; (iii) device drivers for the Windows operating system; (iv) SQL Server development; and, (v) education purposes as permitted above."

1. Learning to develop an application for a company is one of the requirements of this academic module. Therefore, does it apply to it being an educational purpose?
2. What if I upload the project source code to GitHub and make the application an open source? Does it apply to the exception listed in the statement above?
3. Am I counted as an individual developer if I am a student?

I hope that someone can clarify this issue for me. Thank you in advance.

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