Microsoft Movies & TV App—Default audio track when playing videos with multiple audio tracks

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I have been facing the issue that Microsoft Movies & TV app always selects the secondary or tertiary audio tracks when playing videos (regular mp4 home video files) with multiple audio track options. For example, when videos are dubbed in multiple languages or have additional commentary tracks, this app selects such non-primary audio tracks.

Is there a way to let Microsoft Movies & TV app always select the first audio tracks (when the video has multiple audio tracks) by default?

My question is asking ONLY ONE POINT as above, but for the sake of clarifications, please let me highlight the question background / a few relevant points as below:

Point #01
In case of other video player applications developed by 3rd parties (such as VLC Media Player), this issue does not occur (i.e. they select the 1st audio track by default, whenever the video has multiple audio tracks). So the video files (and audio tracks within the video files) have no technical problems, and I could ignore this issue with Microsoft Movies & TV app, if I just switch to other 3rd party apps.

As a big Microsoft fan, however, I would like to stick to Microsoft apps whenever the area is covered by Microsoft. Further, this issue is not complex at all and I am hoping that solutions can be provided (either some certain steps to be taken by the user side or some updates to be made by the developer side).

Point #02
I do know I can manually switch audio tracks (and subtitles) as per my choice once the video is being played on the app.

HOWEVER, this requires manual action EVERY SINGLE TIME I play a video with multiple audio tracks, and therefore this is not a radical solution (also it confuses the audience individuals other than me, when I just want to show them the videos without my attendance).

Point #03
There are no codec issues in my case. Whenever I manually switch to non-primary audio tracks, such audio tracks are played fine on Microsoft Movies & TV app.

Point #04
I am aware that, if only the primary audio track was relevant, then I could remove all the non-primary audio tracks from the video using third-party apps, so that there would be only one audio track in the first place for Microsoft Movies & TV app to play.

However, this does not solve the core issue since all the audio tracks need to be retained in many cases. For example, although I would like to watch videos with the English audio (1st audio track), when I am watching the videos with certain family members / friends, I would like to play the same videos with Japanese / Spanish audio versions (2nd / 3rd audio tracks). So, while the 1st audio track should be selected by default, I cannot just remove the 2nd audio track from the video file itself.

Point #05
I have also tried multiplexer software to specifically mark the 1st track as "Default track", and also uncheck "default track" flag for all the non-primary audio tracks, but no luck.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing back.

The exact same question (corresponding links below) was asked by Mr./Ms. @Aneesh Koul _sml; however, no solutions / clarifications have been provided and the threads appear inactive:

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    I would suggest you to provide directly feedback to Microsoft or even give a suggestion. Any ideas and feedbacks can change and improve products for users. I know once posted they review feedbacks and suggestions across active channels since they are moving away from third party UserVoice feedback sites.

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