'Error displaying your content' for every Automation's runbook service

Jeong Changwon 26 Reputation points

its totally work yesterday, but i got error when trying to edit or create new runbook for Automation service.

I did log-out and login again,
I did try other Automation service's runbook,
I did try create New run book,
I did check Azure Health status for Automation - and its says okay -

but its keep displaying like below.

what did i wrong? and what should i do?


below codes are summary for error.

{ "shellProps": { "sessionId": "80b9d4684e1e4c2aade7cebbe16c539c", "extName": "Microsoft_Azure_Automation", "contentName": "TextualAuthoringWorkspaceBlade", "resourceId": "/subscriptions/ba7e1d52-bf9e-411c-80ee-5014a3554af8/resourceGroups/rebless-prod-rg/providers/Microsoft.Automation/automationAccounts/ManagerReblessClinicLetsEncryptRenewer/runbooks/ManagerReblessClinicRenewal" }, "error": { "message": "Error displaying your content", "summaryItems": [ { "label": "Error reason", "value": "ErrorLoadingExtensionAndDefinition" } ], "details": { "type": "MsPortalFx.Errors.Error", "baseTypes": [ "MsPortalFx.Errors.Error" ], "data": { "moduleId": "require 152", "status": 0, "failedModules": [ { "name": "_generated/Commands", "moduleUrl": "https://ms.hosting.portal.azure.net/automation/Content/Dynamic/r-85V2x5-Ad2.js?retryAttempt=1.126479753461812", "message": "Couldn't load \"_generated/Commands\"; error code 0", "status": 0 } ] }, "extension": "fx", "errorLevel": 2, "timestamp": 586169.2000000477, "name": "Error", "innerErrors": [] }, "code": null }}  
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Azure Automation
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  1. bharathn-msft 5,086 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    <<Based on response on other thread, updating this one as well for broader community usage.>>

    <<9/30 - Update>>

    @Jeong Changwon - Got an update from our internal team, that they have deployed a hotfix which should help fix the issue now. Can we request you to please try it out once with InPrivate session and let us know if you still see any issue.

    Apologies for the experience and thanks again for brining this to our notice. Hope the fix deployed by our team help resolve the issue. If you still see any issue please let us know. Thank you

    <<9/29 - Update>>

    Post review with our internal team, it was called out that this could be similar to the Ad blocker issue, JS files of format highlighted are being blocked by ad blockers. One of the workaround which is helping is by disabling the Adblockers for the browsers. So please try this out , in case you are getting into this issue.


    Thank you @Jeong Changwon for helping share this , seems that just disabling adblock specific sites (azure portal in this case) in most adblock extensions is not helping fix it. Have to disable adblock at browser level.

    We greatly appreciate your feedback @Jeong Changwon , will take this to our product team and see how we can improve this experience for our customers. Thank you

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