how to clear all filters on a table in SSAS-Tabular mode

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Hello There,

I recently started doing a quick recap of my learnings in SSAS-Tabular mode, as I have gone through Microsoft "Filter data in a table" , under the heading "To clear all filters for a table", just 2 steps are there, which tried to accomplish, but couldn't:

  1. In the model designer, select the table for which you want to clear filters.
  2. Click on the Column menu, and then click Clear All Filters.

Would anyone please help me to achieve this scenario. You may please find the link to the document attached to this post;filter-data-in-a-table-ssas-tabular

Thank you for giving your valuable time!

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  1. ArunRaaman 981 Reputation points


    I think we just reached to a point where we have similar scenario experience; however, I couldn't find solution recommended why the feature I am trying to find is not available in my tool. As already discussed, the 'switch to' is disabled; I couldn't operate /enable it.

    Also, the screen you shared isn't available in my tool either (I attached my tool-visual and your screenshot as well to this post).

    Thank you again 137757-sharedby-carrinwu.jpgfor giving your valuable time!


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  1. Darren Gosbell 2,366 Reputation points

    It's pretty hard to answer this without more information about why you could not accomplish this.

    Was the option not there in the column heading? Or did you get an error?

    If the option was not there it is possible that you are looking in the Query Designer and not the Table Designer as the steps to remove a filter would be different in a query. In the query designer there should be a series of steps on the right hand side and you should be able to remove the step doing the filtering.

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  2. CarrinWu-MSFT 6,811 Reputation points

    Hi @ArunRaaman ,

    Thanks for your posting.

    1. In the model designer, click the table which you want to clean the filter, then click on the Table menu, and then click Table Properties.
    2. click Clear Row Filters, and the check the result.
    3. if the result is still not clean row filters, please switch to Query Editor, check the query has any where clause or not.

    I am not sure above steps can resolved your question or not. If not, please provide more details as @Darren Gosbell mentioned, thanks.

    Best regards,

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  3. ArunRaaman 981 Reputation points

    Hello CarrinWu,

    Thank you for responding on my concern; well, after reading your notes, what I notice is

    1. the screen in your picture looks to be different from the visual features that I have in my Visual Studio (Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 Version 16.11.3)
    2. Switch to option was disabled in my VS-edit-table-properties tab/window. Are these difference in feature availability and visual-appearance because of version differences? I pasted screenshots of the front-end visual of my VS-SSAS-tabular mode and 'edit-table-properties' window. Please have a look to them and any feedback to understand the scenario will be very helpful.

    Thank you again.


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  4. CarrinWu-MSFT 6,811 Reputation points

    Hi @ArunRaaman ,

    How did you import data before? I imported data by writing a query from a new data source, and I also cannot switch to table preview. Because options in the Edit Table Properties dialog box are different depending on whether you originally imported data by selecting tables from a list or by using a SQL query or other language. If you originally imported the data by using a SQL statement or other language, the Edit Table Properties dialog box only displays a SQL statement. For more information, please refer to Change table, column, or row filter mappings.