Outlook rest API 2.0 what are the values present in Odata.id for Move Message API?

Tanish Grover 1 Reputation point

I am using Move message API in Outlook Rest API 2.0. I want to understand what are the 2 IDs present in the User section in the response in the Odata.id field
"@Odata.id": "https://outlook.office.com/api/v2.0/Users('ddfcd489-628b-40d7-b48b-57002df800e5@1717622f-1d94-4d0c-9d74-709fad664b77')/Messages('AAMkAGE0Mz8S-AAA=')"

As shown in the example above, what are the 2 IDs separated by "@" in Users field? And is any one of them the AAD ID of the user?

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