Getting AuthorizationFailure when upload 6000 files to azure blob

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Getting AuthorizationFailure.136721-microsoftteams-image.png, there's quite a few errors encountered on server end - read timeout, connection error and authorization when upload 6000 files using python

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

import glob
from import BlobClient

from import BlobServiceClient, PublicAccess

from threading import Thread
import os

Uploads a single blob. May be invoked in thread.

 def upload_blob_f(container, file, index=0, result=None):  
if result is None:  
    result = [None]  


    blob_name = "historical_files/"+file.rsplit('\\', 2)[-2]+"/"+''.join(os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(file)))  
    blob = BlobClient.from_connection_string(  

    with open(file, "rb") as data:  
        blob.upload_blob(data, overwrite=True)  

    print(f'Upload succeeded: {blob_name}')  
    result[index] = True # example of returning result  
except Exception as e:  
     print(e) # do something useful here  
     result[index] = False # example of returning result  

container: string of container name. This example assumes the container exists.

files: list of file paths.

def upload_wrapper(container, files):
# here, you can define a better threading/batching strategy than what is written
# this code just creates a new thread for each file to be uploaded
parallel_runs = len(files)
threads = [None] * parallel_runs
results = [None] * parallel_runs
for i in range(parallel_runs):
t = Thread(target=upload_blob_f, args=(container, files[i], i, results))
threads[i] = t

  for i in range(parallel_runs):  # wait for all threads to finish  

  # do something with results here  

source path

path = r""

types = ('.xlsx', '.xls') # the tuple of file types
files_grabbed = []
for files in types:


# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Azure Blob Storage
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