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Copy executed with 0 files processed: Issue

Hello Team,

I am using the copy command to upload the files from Blob storage to Synapse analytics table.All the files data is loaded into the single table.It is worked for the first time.
But when i delete the records and try to re-run the copy command at that time i am getting the message saying "Copy executed with 0 files processed".

Please advise.for the below issue.


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Hello @RohitKulkarni-6062 and welcome back to Microsoft Q&A.

Can you confirm the source files are still present, and the records you deleted were on sink not source?
Also, was there any logic such as for incremental loads?
When you try 'preview data' does any data show?

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@RohitKulkarni-6062 I didn't hear back from you. Are you still facing the issue.

I would suggest adding a new file, and trying again.

If you found your own solution, please share with the community.

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@RohitKulkarni-6062 Following up to know if you still have this issue and needs help.


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