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Windows 10 1909 deployment issues

Hello everyone!

My company has been working on migrating users from their previous version of windows to Windows 10 1909. We use SCCM to deploy the update. Here's a little background info:
We created a security group for Windows 10 1909 update and we have added all of our computers to that security group so they may receive the update. Ideally what was supposed to happen is once the computer is added to the group the computer should automatically receive the update in their Software Center. We have computers still on Windows 10 1703 and 1803 and we are moving them straight to 1909. We deployed the 1909 feature update to all of our computers through Software Central. A lot of our users who pass the compatibility test are having the issue where the feature 1909 update is not appearing in their -updates tab- in Software center. Though other computers have no issue viewing the update in their Software Center. We believe one issue could be that the Security Group for Windows 1909 Update is not putting the update file in the correct location. One solution we have found is manually adding the affected computers to the designated file or file path for the update to appear. However this is proving to be very tedious and time consuming, can someone help pinpoint where the issue is or can someone help present other solutions for the update to appear in the affected computers Software center?

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Have you consider upgrading to the newer build?
The support for this build already ended, take a look at:
Have you check relevant log files?
Take a look at:

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Being in IT, our department can only dream of moving on straight to the newer OS problem is the company makes these decisions and at this time they don't want to move to our computers to 2004 or 20H2 quite yet due to our company environment it not being tested in those OS yet. Our company will not be moving onto 20H2 until spring of 2022 sadly.

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Hi, @Chelo169-1942
Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.

I will start from checking WUAHandler.log(C:\Windows\CCM\Logs) on the problematic clients to see if there any scan related error.
And here is the full troubleshooting steps for us to know the update deployment process:

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Awesome thanks! We're going to start there and see if there is anything we can find. I'll let you know if we were able to identify the problem.

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So found this error within our WUAhandler logs: error = 0x87d00215
But we're not sure what is triggering this error do you have an idea?

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Can you provide a small snippet of the log, a single error code is not very helpful.

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Yes my apologies here you go

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error-file.png (126.2 KiB)
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How about the Feature Update via Windows 10, version 1909 Enablement Package. The version 1909 enablement package updates from version 1903 to version 1909 with a single restart, reducing the update downtime.

1909 has two different feature updates. The regular Feature Update 1909 is for 1803 and 1809 machines only. The 1903 version is called "Feature Update to Windows 10 Version 1909 x64-based systems 2019-11 via Enablement Package". This update was not initially showing up for me, but it is now.

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Thanks for the tips! However in our environment , we were already behind with all the Feature updates so we had to go from 1703, 1803 to 1909 which was a huge jump so we couldn't use the enhancement package as suggested by MS. Unfortunately, our company has a deadline to move roughly around 1000 computers (with either 1703 or 1803 OS) to 1909 by December and have been having a ton of issues. If you have any other suggestions or info please keep me updated

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